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by Matthew Henson

Originally Published as “A Negro Explorer at the North Pole: The Autobiography of Matthew Henson.”

Bone-chilling wind, treacherous ice, and bitter cold. To > explorer Matthew Henson, those were mere obstacles worthy of clearing in his pursuit of reaching the North Pole. His account of the perilous journey outlines an incredible feat of the human body and spirit. Henson draws from both memory and his diary entries to recount his odyssey to the pole on Commander Robert Peary’s 1909 successful expedition. Through vivid descriptions of the northern wilderness and insightful commentary, Henson paints a picture of a Westerner’s discovery of the North with the help of Inuit guides and sled dogs. On Top of the World is a tale of exploration, discovery, and companionship in the Arctic, told by the explorer who helped clear the way.

“His book will speak for itself and for him,” Commander Robert Peary.
Available Fall 2021. Available where books are sold November 26, 2021.

Matthew Henson was born in Maryland in 1866 and began expeditions to the North Pole with Commander Peary in 1891. On Top of the World explores the first successful trip to the Pole by Peary and Henson. It is probable Henson arrived first.

Cover illustration and foreword by Sylvio Lynch III, Richmond, Virginia, cultural historian and visual artist.

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