The Global Nomad Club (Paperback)

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The Global Nomad Club
Global nomads choose to move from one temporary urban residence to another, exploring alternative narratives and experience of home. As a result, they often find themselves at the intersection of the socioeconomic transformation of contemporary societies and the globalization of human lives. It is at this crossroad that we meet Leya, a 20-something woman claiming identity, happiness and belonging throughout her global journey. She lives as an exchange student in Bangkok and shares her adventures with her sister through email. Eventually, she creates the Global Nomad Club, a blog through which she explores the globalization of identity, love and urban spaces. The blog connects her with a physically dispersed community of fellow global nomads, transcending and expanding her own experience. Eventually, she trades Bangkok for Beijing, Barcelona and finally, San Francisco, going through lovers and careers as she struggles to find her own identity and place in the world.

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ISBN: 9783952526248
ISBN-10: 395252624X
Publisher: Natalie Bertsch
Publication Date: November 1st, 2020
Pages: 146
Language: English