Notebook For Proud Softball Dad: Beautiful Mom, Son, Daughter Book Gift for Father's Day - Notepad To Write Baseball Sports Activities, Progress, Succ (Paperback)

Notebook For Proud Softball Dad: Beautiful Mom, Son, Daughter Book Gift for Father's Day - Notepad To Write Baseball Sports Activities, Progress, Succ Cover Image
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This Notebookl For Proud Softball Dad is a perfect bound notebook/journal with a matte finish.

This notebook journal has 120 ruled pages to write in.

It makes a perfect gift for special life occasions like a sports event, anniversary, birthday, summer camp, and other important holidays or vacation trips.

Use this notebook for:

Special souvenirs for your sports accomplishment & success

.It can also be used for the following activities:

You can note down thanks, write down tasks, goals, priorities, notes, ideas, recipes, instructions, tips, secrets, important dates, deadlines, meetings, shopping lists, short term and long term items, the progress of any activity, memory joggers, daily things to do or to achieve. This list is endless and you can use your own imagination to come up with things that you can note down on a daily basis in order to become
more productive and organized.

It can be applied to specific skills and habits to track your progress like a sports activity or workout journal.

Track the progress to stay motivated on a daily basis is key to a successful outcome no matter what activity
or lifestyle you choose.

Like a travel journal, you can use it to record souvenirs and memories while on the road traveling.

As a Goal journal you can use it to set daily, monthly, and yearly goals and to keep track of all of them so that you know exactly where your strength and weaknesses are.

As a stress release journal to help you become relaxed and zen.

As a journal for your daily or weekly devotions, prayers, meditation and zen time.

As a journal for your kids, you can use it to educate them about the importance of
applying the process of writing or journaling.

As a Notebook for your daily ideas, quotes of the day, and funny or inspirational
moments of the day.

As a souvenir of your life, it can be used in the future to go back in time to re-enjoy
many happy moments that you spent with your loved ones. You can even show it
to the next generation. Paste in some photos and turn it into a scrapbook type souvenir book.

And much more...

the sky is the limit of what you can do with this Journal Notebook.

Never forget a highlight of your life again with this beautiful notebook journal and start a
daily writing or journaling habit no matter what you are using it for.

All that matters is that you are going to develop a skill and a habit that will help you out throughout a lifetime and during good and bad times.

Journaling and writing are going to help you become a better person in general because you will go through the process of self-discovery which will help you identify your good and bad personality traits and turn the good ones in ever better ones and the bad ones in good ones.

Start your journaling and writing process today and become a better You tomorrow


Premium Matte Finish Soft Cover

Printed on Bright White Paper

6"x9" Inches, 120 College Ruled Pages

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ISBN: 9783749712045
ISBN-10: 3749712042
Publisher: Infinit Sports
Publication Date: April 16th, 2019
Pages: 122
Language: English