Infj Handbook: Infj Personality Guide for the Rarest Myers-Briggs Personality Type (Paperback)

Infj Handbook: Infj Personality Guide for the Rarest Myers-Briggs Personality Type By Glenn Miller Cover Image
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As the rarest of the Myers-Briggs personality types, INFJ is the most often misunderstood. Unfortunately, many INFJ's don't understand themselves, either. The INFJ personality type is complicated and can require introspection and self-awareness to understand how to use the strengths of this personality type to your advantage Master your personality type With this guide you will be armed with the fundamental knowledge you need to understand yourself as an INFJ. Learn how to play to your strengths as an INFJ so you can get more out of life, both personally and professionally Here is a preview of what you will learn in this guide:
  • Core Strengths of the INFJ
  • Core Weaknesses of the INFJ
  • INFJs and Romantic Relationships
  • Finding the Right Partner for an INFJ
  • INFJs and Platonic Relationships
  • Finding friends even as a highly private person
  • INFJs and Parent - child Relationships
  • INFJs and Career Options
  • Finding purpose in a career: Not just a job
  • INFJs and Workplace Interactions
  • Being an Office Subordinate as an INFJ
  • Being a Good Colleague as an INFJ
  • Being a Good Manager as an INFJ
  • INFJs and Finding Their Personal Growth
  • Finding ways to showcase your strength
  • Facing and Mitigating Problem Areas of the INFJ Personality
  • The Root of INFJ Personality Issues
  • Solutions to the INFJ's Blind Side
  • Dealing with Inevitable Disappointments and Letdowns
Invest in yourself and commit to mastering the INFJ personality type when you grab this guide now

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ISBN: 9781983178689
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Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: June 20th, 2018
Pages: 72
Language: English