Most Lawyers Are Liars The Truth About Accounting (Paperback)

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Warning Entrepreneurs

This book has the ability to set financial goals, create financial spreed sheets like the top 1%, budget your business fineness like never before, get the most out of your business, create banking financials that get you the loan, and get you to take action over your business. Results may vary. Please read with caution.

The masked power duo is back with the second book in their Most Lawyers are Liar's series, on all things Accounting. Before you avert your eyes or fall asleep at the mere mention of the word, fear not. These two are not your average snooze-inducing finance experts. How many other mask-wearing finance outlaws do you know who divulge trade secrets on video while sipping luxury liquor, smoking cigars, and playing poker? Us neither. Follow their podcast

The anonymous duo that goes by the names The Money Guy and The Tax Guy are back with a vengeance to upgrade your accounting knowledge with real world examples on the famously impenetrable finance industry. You will learn the secrets that billion-dollar companies use every day, what the rich have been keeping classified for centuries, and everything Wall Street does not what you to know. The pages of this book will give you the keys to the accounting kingdom to scale up your business.

Expect amusing anecdotes, interesting facts you didn't know you needed to know, and real industry golden nuggets this close-knit community don't want you having access to.

The Money Guy has worked in venture capital for over 25 years, successfully working with over 18,000 business. The Tax Guy has filed over 30,000 tax returns ranging from mom-and-pop stores to billion-dollar corporations. Together they have over 50 years' experience and a wealth of knowledge poured into the pages of this book. Catch them while you can at bookstores now.

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