A Quest for Identity: From Afghanistan to the World (Hardcover)

A Quest for Identity: From Afghanistan to the World By Parastu Ahang Mehdawi Cover Image
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Where would I be living now . . . If I had been born in a land where the break of dawn was not met by exploding bombs? Where dusk did not promise to hide the cold bodies on the side of the road, and peace was not just a dream?

A Quest for Identity is the story of Parastu Ahang Mehdawi and her search for a home across three continents.

Her journey starts as a young girl when the war sliced her family into fragments. In these pages, we get a glimpse of the various turbulent times she survived: the gunshots, the bombs, and the calamities of war. In seeking asylum in the West, her identity and sense of self suffers. After decades of hard work and soul-searching, the metamorphosed woman inside reflects on the people who shaped her life along the way. No longer does the war survivor who lost her youth see herself only as a daughter, wife, and mother. She comes to believe that she is more than that.

A Quest for Identity is for those who have lived their lives neglected due to circumstances outside of their control. It is for the woman who lives in a male-dominated society, for whom freedom is only a word in the dictionary. This book is for anyone who wants to follow the path of self-discovery.

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ISBN: 9781778231322
ISBN-10: 1778231322
Publisher: Parastu Ahang Mehdawi
Publication Date: June 23rd, 2022
Pages: 210
Language: English