The Are You Afraid of the Dark Campfire Companion (hardback) (Hardcover)

The Are You Afraid of the Dark Campfire Companion (hardback) By Jose Prendes, D. J. Machale (Foreword by) Cover Image
By Jose Prendes, D. J. Machale (Foreword by)
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So you want to join the Midnight Society, huh?

Remember Zeebo the clown?

How about the Ghastly Grinner?

Ever listen to the Dark Music?

Did you want to eat wild boar with Dr. Vink and buy fake vomit from Sardo?

If the answer is yes to any of these, then you, my friend, are ready to join

Strike up your own campfire, and grab this campfire companion as we relive the children's TV series that made a whole generation afraid of the dark. D.J. MacHale's Are You Afraid of the Dark? was the Twilight Zone for kids and teens growing up in the 90s, and for those who embraced the show's mix of dark chills and out-there scenarios, it has lingered in their memories way past the seven-year run on TV. The series not only constantly pushed the envelope as to what was acceptable for scary TV for children, but also gave future celebrities like Ryan Gosling (Drive, La La Land), Neve Campbell (Scream, Party of Five), Jay Baruchel (How To Train Your Dragon, This Is The End), and Hayden Christensen (Star Wars Episode 1-3) their start

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ISBN: 9781593939908
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Publication Date: October 31st, 2016
Pages: 328
Language: English