Any Given Day: Taking the Gamble Out of Gambling (Paperback)

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The object of this book,"Any Given Day" is to take the gamble out of sports gambling. The statistical probability system explained in this book is an objective system for both professional football and basketball. There is no guess work as the system is based on simple math and statistics.

The system was developed in the early 1950's while working with my father who taught physics and calculus in college. Coming together, a mining and civil engineer and a teacher, coach and athletic director, the system has been refined and brought up to date for todays sports.

February 6, 1005 which was Super Bowl XXXIX the exact score was predicted by the system, New England 24 and Philadelphia 21. Because of this, I was called gifted in Las Vegas. There are many games listed in the book that pick the exact score. How about week 10 played November 10, 2002 between Atlanta and Pittsburg. The system picked the game to be a tie. I called the game at 24 Atlanta and 24 Pittsburg. That became the final score after overtime. No game had ended in a tie for many years, and until this year, 2008, there had been no other.

This book is much more than just the winning football and basketball system as it covers sports gaming rules, sports talk, the type of wagers, and which to use and which to stay away from using. This is a real love novel because with one $10.00 two team parlay bet you will almost double the price you paid for this book.

The chapter, Beyond Stupidity, is enlightening as it gives the reader an inside look at the coaching world. A mistake by a coach can cause a loss, Where as, a mistake by a player may not. You will see why coaches are finally being paid more money than in the early years of pro sports.

Money Management is a very important chaper for any phase of life. Remember "Pigs get fat, and hogs get slaughtered". Self-discipline, self-control and mental strength is a large part of money management. Here is where we will talk about a few tricks of the trade.

As in any business or job, there are trade secrets that can help make a winner.

In this chapter, we will show how to set short and long term goals. How to play both teams playing in a game and win with both. Here you will also see how to bet without losing any money. You will either win or break even.

Nothing in this world changes over night, and if it does change for a short time it is called an upset. There are lotteries in many states where you pick all or a number of games. This book will tell you how to play these.

The last chapter will review the 2004-2005 Season. We will go week by week and show who, why, and how we picked the game and team to bet.

Although, over the past 7 years, in picking all of the National

Ffootball League games the winning percentage is 70.67%. In basketball, over the last four years, by playing the teams, that fit into the system, a fantastic 86.3% have been winners. It only got better in 2009 as the system picked 93% winners, 134 wins out of 144 games.

The book will show that at one point out of 21 plays the system picked 20 wins and 1 tie. These were parlay combinations using 45 teams. Another 4 week group of plays will show 24 wins with 1 tie using 54 teams in parlay combinations.

Once you have mastered this easy system, you will be able to rate 16 games in 20 minutes. This is recession proof and does not require a bail out. Also, you will never need to pay for tips again. You will be the handicapper.

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