Kingdom 101: Daily Basics for Saints (Paperback)

Kingdom 101: Daily Basics for Saints By Lauren M. Caldwell, Chelsey K. Butcher (Editor) Cover Image
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How can I pray more effectively? What is "laying on of hands" and why does the Bible tell us to do it? What is the difference between your soul and spirit? How many baptisms are there? How can I develop a more intimate relationship with God?

These are questions many believers ask, and this book will help readers discover and understand the answers found in Scripture. In this hour, believers must know more than a few memorized verses and the latest worship songs. Jesus gave us the command and authority to make disciples of all nations. Unfortunately, there are far too many believers who know nothing of the basic principles of The Kingdom of Heaven and how those principals can transform their lives. However, Jesus wants every believer to know how to bring Heaven to Earth and produce true change in the world one heart at a time. Whether you want to learn these basics yourself or need a resource to guide those with whom you walk, this book can help.

Eliminating all confusion and intimidation surrounding foundational kingdom principles, Kingdom 101 is for those who have been born again, but want to be more grounded in the essential truths of the Bible. These basics will help those who read it develop a more confident walk with Jesus and grow beyond a mere Sunday morning Christianity.

Reading this book will enable you to:

  • Remove lingering guilt that arises from ignorance of what the Bible really says
  • Learn by example how to pray more effectively
  • Align your worldview with the Scriptures
  • Learn different ways of hearing God
  • Know how the Blessings of Abraham relate to Christians now

Jesus invited us to learn from the greatest teacher any of us has ever known -- Holy Spirit. Prepare to be transformed in confidence and boldness as He leads you through each foundational teaching.

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